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  1. Many thanks for all your replies and advice. Will discuss the EPC aspect with the builder and see if there’s any way we can get in before the deadline. I did wonder if there was any way that I could have the system installed on the shed and get it commissioned as a stand-alone item separate from the house, the fact that the power comes into the shed but guess, because it was all part of the same planning application, that this may not be an option. Prodave, for your info we are building in Angus a few miles north of Dundee, some distance away from you by the look of it. Thanks again.
  2. Just looking for some advice as I’m new to this forum and the whole building game. After a long battle we have finally commenced construction on our new build here in Scotland. Due to several factors we have a main contractor undertaking the build. Going down the ASHP road and elected to put solar PV panels on our shed which is adjacent to the house. Our contractor has indicated a scheduled completion date for beginning of May 2019 and I’ve no reason to doubt that. Where I’m confused slightly is regarding the FIT and RHI payments. I’ve recently read that some payments are ending in April 2019. Am I right in saying that the RHI for the ASHP is carrying on so we’re ok with that? Is it just the FIT for the solar PV that’s ending? If it’s the FIT for the solar PV that’s ending I’m wondering if I could get the system on the shed commissioned before the house is complete? The electricity supply and meter for the house is located in the shed and will be remaining there. Hopefully I’ve provided enough information, any advice and guidance will be very much appreciated. Many thanks Andy