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  1. My battery setup is in an unheated and poorly insulated workshop. I found the heat generated from the batteries soon dissipated and the temp dropped. Since putting a crude cabinet around the batteries (mid December) the average temp is 15°C, workshop temp approximately 5°C. At this time of year I charge the batteries from the grid at night. Hope this helps. David
  2. A quick update. Just finished attending to the Sunamp PVs and I now have hot water! I can only speak as I find and Sunamp have delivered with fantastic customer service, admittedly they could not recommend a local service engineer, but talked me through the process including FaceTime. Far too often support from companies are promised and often fall short, not Sunamp. Maybe I was lucky. Thank you to all here and I hope I have saved Nickfromwales writing lengthy instructions.
  3. Thanks Nickfromwales. Photo with lid off
  4. I believe the Uniq product could not suffer from this particular problem and there are service agents for the Uniq product. I guess the SA PV are deemed to be a legacy product
  5. The engineer I spoke to on the phone said no service agent available that supported SA PV. The only option was to pay for him to come from Scotland to do the job.
  6. Thanks Dreadnaught but unbelievably I managed to find my manual.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Ended up getting them from Sunamp, they said they are a proprietary component. Cost £46 + VAT and postage. I am not looking forward to doing this job but hate cold showers even more. If anyone has done this before any tips/tricks will be gratefully received.
  8. I have 2no Sunamp PVs, installed 2017, they have performed flawlessly, until last Saturday. After a call to Sunamp today and some fault finding with one of their engineers it would appear that the heating element in both units have expired (the joys of living in a extremely hard water area). As there is nobody in the local area (Norfolk) who knows anything about Sunamp PV, I have decided to replace the elements myself. To date Sunamp have not notified me of the specification of the heating element required and cold showers are not great (albeit healthy). Does anybody know the make/model/spec of heating elements I need? thanks D
  9. Thanks for info Ian. I have contacted them this morning, answered the phone straight away and very helpful.
  10. I have a house battery and an EV and want to take advantage of the time of use or EV tariffs. The problem I have is getting a 3 phase smart meter installed. I have had failed attempts where meter installer turns up expecting it to be single phase. So can anyone on the forum answer these question:- 1. Do you have a 3 phase smart meter? 2. Which energy supplier fitted it? 3. Are you able to benefit from 'smart' tariffs? Thanks D
  11. Thank you for your responses, I will go with the JSH option.
  12. What is the best method/product to get an airtight seal around the services coming in and out of an airtight building? These include water pipes and electrical ducts entering through the slab in a 110mm pipe, with one containing 3 x 32mm water pipes (rainwater harvesting). I have also got to seal around the flow/return pipe on the ASHP, these are in a ducts that pass through the wall. Your ideas will be gratefully received, thanks.
  13. Total volume of house is 1086m3 @IanR I agree with feedback and would like the unit to be running at 50% of capacity most of the time. The suggested configuration is to have one unit for the ground floor with the second running the first floor. Does anyone here run a system in this way?
  14. I am trying to decide on which MVHR units to use in our new build passive house of 425m2. The units I am considering are the Airflow DV110 (2 units) or Renovent Excellent 300 (2 units). Does anyone have any experience of these units and would value any feedback regarding sizing? Both the quotes I have are supply only (but provide layout). I would need someone to install (don't have the time), who would install the system, plumber, electrician or a specialist? Are there any firms that provide a commissioning service? Many thanks.
  15. Looking at using Impey Aqua Dec 4 former with a Altro floor and Bushboard Nuance panels for the walls. This will be in a MBC build and will therefore need to be recessed into the slab. One of my concerns is finished floor level, the rest of the ground floor will be Karndean (allowed 6mm for this). What recess should I allow in the slab for the tray and the Altro floor? Are there any other considerations I need to thinking about? Thanks
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