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  1. Thank you for your responses, I will go with the JSH option.
  2. What is the best method/product to get an airtight seal around the services coming in and out of an airtight building? These include water pipes and electrical ducts entering through the slab in a 110mm pipe, with one containing 3 x 32mm water pipes (rainwater harvesting). I have also got to seal around the flow/return pipe on the ASHP, these are in a ducts that pass through the wall. Your ideas will be gratefully received, thanks.
  3. Total volume of house is 1086m3 @IanR I agree with feedback and would like the unit to be running at 50% of capacity most of the time. The suggested configuration is to have one unit for the ground floor with the second running the first floor. Does anyone here run a system in this way?
  4. I am trying to decide on which MVHR units to use in our new build passive house of 425m2. The units I am considering are the Airflow DV110 (2 units) or Renovent Excellent 300 (2 units). Does anyone have any experience of these units and would value any feedback regarding sizing? Both the quotes I have are supply only (but provide layout). I would need someone to install (don't have the time), who would install the system, plumber, electrician or a specialist? Are there any firms that provide a commissioning service? Many thanks.
  5. Looking at using Impey Aqua Dec 4 former with a Altro floor and Bushboard Nuance panels for the walls. This will be in a MBC build and will therefore need to be recessed into the slab. One of my concerns is finished floor level, the rest of the ground floor will be Karndean (allowed 6mm for this). What recess should I allow in the slab for the tray and the Altro floor? Are there any other considerations I need to thinking about? Thanks
  6. I would like to put a boiling tap in our new build, mainly to achieve hot and cold water in the kitchen but with only a cold feed - to reduce standing losses in pipework as will be a passive build. The cold feed will be straight from the mains, not going through the house water softener. I live in a really hard water area. I am currently thinking of using the ITHO boiling tap. Does anyone have any experience of this or any other boiling tap? I believe @JSHarris has an ITHO - Would you buy it again? What could I use under the sink to prevent scale in the boiler and also filter the drinking water (equivalent to a Brita filtered water) ? Thanks
  7. Thank you for your responses, great feedback. Looks like my original thoughts are correct - best install UFH The UFH would be ground floor only but because of the size (190m2) there will be several loops. Can you recommend a system to control it and how would it work with the ASHP for cooling/heating? Thanks D
  8. According to PHPP peak heat load is 7w/m2. It has been suggested that a duct heater could also be used to cool(using ASHP in reverse), is that correct? In theory I should not need the UFH but would love to hear from anyone who has/hasn't UFH in passive house (or nearly ph) thanks D
  9. In the middle of finalising the detail on our new build passive house (425m2). I had originally thought of putting UFH but not sure if it is required? It will be a MBC build so UFH in slab. The question is whether to install UFH or use duct heater/cooler (wet) in the MVHR? If we stay with the UFH are there systems available off the shelf to control it? Other information which may be relevant - large solar array(10kW), ASHP, towel rails in bathrooms (low power) and Sunamp PV I have promised SWMBO a warm house and she has made several compromises from her wish list (No aga or wood burner), so do not want to regret any decision!
  10. Novice

    Hi all

    Currently planning a highly insulated house, possibly passive in East Anglia. I was an avid reader of eBuild and it gave me the confidence to take the plunge into the world of self build! Really glad to see you guys back. I am sure there will be many questions along the self build journey. Thanks D