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  1. The pitch is pretty shallow... can't remember exactly but quite a lot less than 45deg... I will ask Velux re springs... does anyone know if these are an expensive thing to replace? (or a pain in the bum to fit the replacements?)
  2. They do open more than that, but this is where they 'settle', after the handle is let go after pulling to fully open (i.e. there is no restriction to the opening)
  3. Hi, I have a new extension... with only one real problem that I have not been able to fix... I am hoping some people here could help me with a solution to my issue, with our new extension... We have fitted 2x Two identical Velux windows... but they are not staying open the same amount... is this normal? How can we fix it? (or even get them open more?) [I am aware they wont ever open a lot, due to the shallow slope of the roof]
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