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  1. No replies? Really close to making the order, would just like to see people's thoughts on (1) above. Got a reply on (2) - it's 8cm (height) by 15cm (width).
  2. Hi everyone - first post here. Been scouring the internet to get some reviews on the Bora Basic and finally found this thread. I am set to purchase the Bora Basic soon (BIA, so without the flexi as that is over my budget, and with the outside duct-out exhaust vent). My only concern/questions are the following, if someone could kindly help out: 1) Did anyone have a look at the energy efficiency labels? When you take a look it's rated as C, and the flexi cooking area is rated as B. I'm not so keen on this, because every other normal separate hob and hood are rated as A, A+ or better. Furthermore, one of Bora's competitor, Elica's Nikola Tesla is rated A+. In Malta (where I'm from), both the Bora Basic and the Nikola Tesla have the exact same price, from different suppliers. It's just a bit strange how something as expensive as the Bora would not be energy efficient on par with other hobs and hoods. 2) For anyone using the duct-out system, do you know how high the ducting is? I would be passing mine from underneath the tiles, and need to know how much space they will be taking (someone told me 20cm space between the tiles and the concrete ground, but this seems quite high). Just need to be sure. Thanks a lot!