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  1. Hi Modernista So the joining strips exist! I appreciate the pictures If these are used does it remove the need to drill through the frame in the mammer theyve done on my windows? If you had them to hand a photo of the instructions would be very kind. KR DoT
  2. Agreed on shite... We are aiming low air test score as we have a MVHR unit. I am going to write to the company. To date though they keep saying weve installed them as per Rationel instructions. I dont believe that is the case for every single opening but keen to understand what is the Rationel best practice guide, thus the original post. Funnily enough the lady did ring 10 days ago saying they wanted to come in mid June to do the snagging, I asked " do you have the snagging list so the guys know what they are going to do?". She said "I will email it over as it easier that reporting it over the phone". Guess what ? no email...
  3. thanks. where is the middle picture looking at?
  4. This sounds like the considerate install I would have hoped for!
  5. I still have 10% to pay, which I am not going to pay until I get it resolved!
  6. Thanks for the input. I think the plastic caps are poor, no mention of them by the salesman or any in the show room. If we accept them they are going to stick out like a sore thumb. The holes are also not consistent in spacing nor are they the left hand holes the same as the right!
  7. Hi All Does anyone have experience of the "correct" way to install Rationel casement doors with side screens. We have a number in our new build like this: All appears ok from a distance another set is even has day light indetween the door and side window The windows were supplied and fitted by the local Rationel distributor They've coupled the two elements by drilling into the frame and screwing it to the next. They seem to have butchered the windows. They said they would use a plastic plug to cover up the hole They claim to have followed Rationel guidance but Im not sure? Looking at the Rationel web site it doesnt help much except for cross section of "Couplings" but I note no obvious white plastic caps on their lovely marketing pictures. Does anyone have a manual or set of instruction of best Rationel practice? I am told that it should at least had a coupling strap installed but I am not sure what this should look like. Should/could the windows have been coupled invisibly and then offered up to the gap? They came in three pieces. For these large openings the company sent 4 men but on reflection some left early and not installed as one but a bit at a time. Rather peeved... I can accept a poor purchase but we even paid extra to have the frames painted two colours. thanks in advance. A building friend said I should have agreed a fixing schedule, I recommend all others do! They fixed another 20 frames by simply screwing in the frame to the outer wall, vs the typical details from Rationel that uses a tie, so the frame is not screwed through. kind regards DofT Couplings.pdf
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