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  1. Thanks JohnMo I found this article to be informative, although it suggests that if you're only considering the bathroom it's much cheaper to have intermittent rather than continuous ventilation: https://www.vent-axia.com/healthyhomes/simplesolution/extractfans The benefits listed here are completely underwhelming to me, and none of these seem to be advantages of continuous over intermittent https://www.eltafans.com/top-3-benefits-of-continuous-extract-fans-in-domestic-properties/
  2. So it sounds like we need to sleep with the windows open as a starting point. Then is the following summary accurate? DMEV Pros: Would improve the air quality in the rest of the house, provided bathroom doors are open and there's some inward air (from bedroom windows or elsewhere). Will not make a difference to ventilation at night when bathroom doors are closed Working continuously, taking out moisture from eg damp towels during the day DMEV Cons Working continously, could be a noise issue and additional power consumption More expensive than extractor fans Needs a hole made in the side of the house - is this correct? I haven't seen a DMEV solution that would go into the loft with ducting
  3. Thanks Iceverge. We don't have vents in the windows and tend to leave them closed most of the time in winter - is this an issue with DMEV? Or does leaving doors open and general air leakage provide enough air flow?
  4. Thanks JohnMo, that's helpful. What's the issue with positioning near window or doorway?
  5. My house was built in 1981 and for some reason doesn't have any ventilation in the two upstairs bathrooms, other than windows which can be opened. I want to fit some ventilation system to reduce condensation and moisture build-up as we do get some mould appearing on the ceiling and around the windowframe. Looking into the various systems I can't work out whether to get some inline fans in the loft and out through the eaves vent, or put in a continuous DMEV system in each room. As far as I can tell, the extractor fans will be noiser when in operation, but could be fitted directly above the shower and pull out all the moisture very efficiently. What's the advantage of a DMEV system and which should I be thinking about? Looking to stay in this house for the next 10-15 years.
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