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  1. @JSHarris Again, that all makes perfect sense. Thank you. @Bitpipe I shall certainly have a look at those blinds, but agree, the internal venetians are not what I'm after i think.
  2. And thank you. So much reading ahead and just as I thought I was starting to swim, I've just gone under water for the first time ! Thanks to everyone so far.
  3. Just a huge thank you for taking the trouble to reply in such detail. Lots to think about. The last figures I spotted on here for sage glass were about £1k per m2 which would be way out of the ball park for me. But if I could find a reasonably priced supplier, then perhaps it could be back on the table. Again, thank you.
  4. Yes and I have an electric car also ! But for 4kw +, it would be way bigger than the 9 sq m allowed for the permitted development install, so back to the planners ..........groan !
  5. No, just a beautiful open view to the River Stour, so can't complain ! Won't be allowed brise soleil unfortunately, as anything that sticks out over the footprint of the barn is a no-no with the Planners I'm afraid. So, shutters it may have to be. Brilliant idea about the screening, but would hate the interior to become too dark.
  6. @JSHarris I'm intrigued at your last comment and perhaps beginning to fully understand what you meant. May I ask you a quick question ? So in trying to keep things extremely simple so that I can understand them, are you suggesting this comes down to a simple choice between; 1. Hugely expensive Sage glass windows (to keep the solar gain to a minimum); versus 2. Admitting defeat on much of the solar gain and using cheaper standard solar reducing glass but with a PV system running alongside to provide active cooling almost 24/7 if needed ? Is that the nub of it ? My early thoughts are to go with the second option, but we have a very eco-concious planning dept and would hate to upset them with a PV / aircon system running almost day and night !
  7. Hadn't quite thought of it like that and contemplating the high levels of cooling I may actually need if I can't get these windows / glass right. Have had a look at the cost of the Sage glass you suggested and had to sit down ! There must be a cheaper (albeit not simpler) way of dealing with this gain or stopping it entering in the first place. PV may be a good plan indeed, but it can't be roof mounted, as feel sure the planners would not allow.........and it's a round rook also, so may look a bit odd ! Have enough land at the bottom of the garden to install there though and in the middle of what was going to be a conservation wild meadow, bees etc.
  8. Seriously good advice, thank you. Re Solar PV, didn't honestly think the pay back numbers worked for us as we head to retirement in a few years, but will re-visit. Also, never seen such a hike in fees using an MCS installer compared to what a switched on heat engineer and a six month old ASHP would cost me ! Yes, have appointed a project manager who will arrange all of the works and building supplied as needed. Even though he's not VAT registered, if I order directly, that's 5% right ?
  9. Well I know it's not zero rated because not a new build, so had assumed it was the next band up at 5%. Is that right ?
  10. Yes, architect and planners didn't object ! No doubt he was after a design award or something but with little thought as to how someone would live there afterwards ! Yes, an entirely new steel frame being built over the same footprint, with new slab and/or deeper pads as needed. The old stanchions need to be retained apparently, but will be bolted to the new frame and hidden. They will not be load bearing.
  11. There is no slab. Just a dirt floor with the current stanchions on shallow concrete pads.
  12. Don't know yet, designs still being finalised, so up for any advice whatsoever that will let me short cut months of mistakes or the dreaded "I wish I'd thought of that earlier" afterwards !