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    Design professional (advertising) working in London. Starting off with a small project to extend our victorian terrace but dreams of one-day designing and building my own home.
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  1. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    I know what you mean but would worry about ending up with a dark central area by pulling the glazing forwards - will give it some thought though... Thanks again.
  2. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    Thanks Peter - good point regarding shading/ventilation. The garden faces North but still... I think at the very least I would look at having blinds fitted.
  3. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    Thanks again all. On the back of this thread (to save starting another) I am looking for a supplier for the glazing (attached). The dream ticket would be to source some 1.7m x 2m off-the-shelf panels. Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks
  4. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    Temp - reading that link raises another interesting point about the foundations if they (or a future buyer) wanted to extend. It would be a lot simpler/cheaper with a wall already there. They may, of course, not care one bit about this if they have zero intention of extending! "If you were to build a similar extension in the future you would have the right to cut off the part of your neighbour's foundations that project – subject to serving the required notice. If you are thinking of building a similar extension you may want to suggest to your neighbour that he builds a new party wall astride the boundary – this would require your consent under section 1(2) of the Act but you would then be entitled to use it as part of your future extension. You would have to contribute towards the cost of building the wall – either now or when you make use of it in the future."
  5. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    Thanks for the replies. We have only just moved in so we are going to take our time, we don't want to upset anyone. The neighbours seem decent, and they didn't object to the party wall award with the previous owners (although that is no guarantee they won't object this time). I wouldn't have thought that they would be considering extending themselves as they are elderly -ish so I'm not sure they will see any benefit in having a wall on their land where they didn't have one before. Who knows, all we can do is ask and hopefully find the least disruptive solution that everyone is happy with.
  6. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    Thanks Mr P - The walls shown on the plan are just concept so are 300mm, but yes it would be a cavity wall. I was going to build a parapet and have a flat roof, something like the attached (which doesn't show the neighbours extension which is currently 1m back).
  7. oldskoolflash

    Extending 1m beyond party wall.

    Hi all, Apologies if this has come up before, I did try searching beforehand but could not find an answer to this particular query. We have a Victorian end of terrace house that previously had planning permission for a side return extension. I has also had a loft conversion prior to us buying (and therefore a party wall award). We want to extend 1m further but I wondered how this would affect the party wall. In my limited knowledge, I think we have 2 options: 1) Extend along the length of the party wall and then step in 150mm from the boundary for the final 1m 2) Ask if the neighbour would be happy for us to extend the party wall allowing them (or a future owner) a party wall to build up to should they wish. Does this sound correct? I know each case is individual but from people's experience, am I making some wild assumptions with opt 2? I've attached a clip of the area, the dashed lines obviously being the existing structure (which is a small kitchen extension mirrored on both sides). Thanks in advance!