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  1. We’re in Berkshire, but I don’t have electronic copies of the plans that I can upload.
  2. Hi, We’re going to build an extension on a house we’re buying and have a set of plans, but we’re finding it very difficult to get a rough estimate of the cost - to make sure we can actually afford the work, before we complete on the property. we have plans, because a neighbour has done the exact work that we want to do. We will of course get our own set of plans, when/if we complete. I appreciate that build prices have increased a lot in the last couple of years, so can anyone provide a guide to cost per square meter? I’ve seen these guide values before, but what with prices going through the roof, I wondered if anyone has seen any updated figures? It’s going to be a 2 story extension to the side and half of the back of the property, plus we want to do a loft conversion (in case that’s relevant). Thanks.
  3. So 2 courses of blockwork, with insulation in between, then rendered externally - for the new walls? Out of interest, is there any other option? We’d want to go for the maximum level of insulation, so I think we’d have to use panels (more expensive), or rockwool (thicker walls).
  4. Hi, We’re building a large extension to a 1950s semi and since most external walls will be new, have decided to fit external insulated panels to the ‘old’ external walls which will remain as external (i.e. the exiting front wall and a small part of the rear). of course, we’ll be rendering over the panels. My question is, what are our options for the materials we use on the completely new external walls? I think we’ll probably render or clad them and we would want them insulated to the same degree as the existing walls. What are our options for the construction method and materials? That is to say, blockwork for the internal side of the cavity, then insulation, be it rockwool or panels), followed by…what? We’re looking to save money where we can, but I know that insulated panels are considerably more expensive than rockwool. Thanks!
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