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  1. Many thanks for your replies guys. There is a membrane underneath as I watched them fit it and ended up picking up all the backing parper from it. I was a bit concerned that it is semi-permeable but I guess that means it lets moisture out but not in? Tough buttercup - it wasn't the ridge that fell off but the dry verges they installed at the same time. Every time there was a bit of a draught some more would fall off. That's what made me get anxious about the ridge - Nb. if the verge was so badly done, what was the ridge like?
  2. Hello, I wonder if someone could help. My neighbour and I used a "roofing" firm to fit dry verges and I also had a dry ridge system fitted. This, I was advised would be maintenance free. Parts of my verge fell off 4 times and to be fair to the guys they did come back - in the end I think they just glued some on! My neighbour's fell off a good number of times too but eventually the firm stopped answering our calls, texts and emails so we had to get someone else in to fix it properly. This has left me very anxious about the ridge system and whether it will be water tight or not. I can't see any problems inside the loft but got my nephew to send his drone up and take a couple of photos. Would someone mind taking a look and giving me a view on them? Many thanks in advance.
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