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  1. Hi all, Am trying to spec my DIY install roof vents. I've got a Brink unit, so my external ductings off the unit are 180mm. Is there a significant gain in using a 180mm external vent like this: https://www.roofinglines.co.uk/product/ubbink-ub48-universal-insulated-roof-vent-terminal-180mm Compared to a cheaper tile vent like this: https://www.roofingsuppliesuk.co.uk/collections/universal-tile-vents/products/klober-universal-tile-vent-with-cap-terracotta Obviously the cheaper tile vent would need step down adaption to fit the 180 ducting, but the price jump to full size vents is significant. I understand that airflow will be restricted here, but is this a 'big deal' or just an incremental decrease in performance? The ubbink stuff makes an issue that it's insulated, is this important? or a non-issue if the tile vent is coming straight from insulated ducting? The roof space is cold and outside envelope, insulated ducting will be used internally. Slightly less relevant second question, is burying ducting under 20cm of roof insulation enough, or do I also need to wrap it in something like this: https://www.mould-stop.co.uk/products/75mm-round-radial-insulated-sleeve-x-10m-roll Thanks for any advice,
  2. Thanks John, very interesting - did they offer a design only package?
  3. So I've quoted in number of ducts in my original post - you're right a number of them are doubled.
  4. I had a plan from BPC and lindab. I didn't progress with a paid-for plan because everybody insisted that I buy everything from them! Floor area is about 200sqm Lindab quoted for 11 supply and 12 extract with a trickle rate of 59.1l/2 Airtightness is work in progress as its a retrofit, but planning to make baby steps with this once MVHR in in. I attach a plan. The extracts are 3 bathrooms upstairs, utility, kitchen, WC downstairs. The downstairs part of the house is tricky as theres no easy route down into the WC/utility but can just squeeze two ducts down through the ensuite. A 7th question - do i need the fancy insulated roof vents, or are the flat type tile vents enough? https://klober.co.uk/ventilation/roof-vents/universal/p/universal-20k-tile-vent
  5. Hi all, After being disappointed with various places quotes mandating I bought all the kit through them, I decided to DIY it myself. I've got a basic idea from a couple of places and am hitting 11 extract ducts and 11 supply ducts. I have a Brink Renovent Excellent 400 unit which will be loft based. 180mm insulated foam duct to extract and supply vent, venting to outside via: https://www.ubbink.com/en-gb/product/roof-terminal-insulated-ub48-180mm-black Inside, 2x 90 degree foam bends to point tubes downwards. Supply - into a 90cm radial silencer - https://www.ventilationland.co.uk/product/20468/round-silencer-diameter-180-mm-length-900-mm-100-mm-insulation.html then into 14 port manifold: https://www.bpcventilation.com/quiet-vent-14-port-distribution-box-vertical radial ducting to house into plenums I found from a polish company on ebay which seem okay. nuair room vents which I got cheap on facebook! Extract wise - from the unit no silencer planned but a 90cm downwards stretch of foam duct to an identicle manifold and then as above to the rooms. Questions 1) Does this sound okay? Anything missing? 2) Will the silencer be enough, there's options for 5 or 10cm thick sound insulation, does it make a difference? 3) The majority of ducts will be in loft so I'm planning on either/both individually insulating them and bulking up my loft insulation over the top. Okay? 4) Drainage pipe ?do I need a 'dry' ubend or a normal ubend? 5) Does cheap vs expensive 75mm ducting make a difference? Anybody send me a link or reply with a decent place to get cheap ducting? 6) I'll need to switch kitchen extract for recirculating one, but does anybody recommend a decent filtered extract for kitchens?
  6. Hi all, Wonder if anybody can offer a suggestion. I've looked at a number of companies/people who offer a MVHR system design including noise and airflow modeling. What I want to do is pay for a design, and then shop around for parts and retrofit myself to my house. However, everybody I've found so far insists on my buying all the components from them directly which I'm not keen to do for the obvious cost implications. BPC offer designs but not noise modeling. Am I better off just using a BPC design and fitting in two big metal silencers like this: https://www.bpcventilation.com/attenuator-silencer or something else? I dont think my house is that complex and a lot of the runs will be in limited locations, its mostly flow and noise that I want the design for rather thaan pipe routing? Any ideaas?
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