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  1. Thanks Peter... and is it fair to say that the electric towel rails suffice in the bathrooms - ie the floor is perfectly comfortable to walk on bare foot in the morning in winter..??
  2. so what kind of temperatures are you getting in your PH in winter time. I've been to see a couple of PHs locally and my understanding is that it very rarely drops below 20 and, when it does, not by much. But perhaps it is just about "topping up".. how much would you expect an UFH system to cost/m2?
  3. The layout is optimised for solar gain and we expect to meet the PH standard (space heating demand 15kWh/m2/yr). we have outline planning and are getting together detailed plans. We are thinking polished concrete floor in kitchen area and tiles in bathroom so i was wondering whether UFH was necessary to increase comfort on colder days etc. but i dont particularly want to spend money on something which we may never need... how much would you expect a UFH to cost/m2 ... and i was thinking an ASHP would suffice for DHW??
  4. Hi all, about to embark on self-build project. We have plot and planning. The layout optimises solar gain so I am keen to achieve passive house standard. I have noticed on this forum that many self-builders seem to include UFH in their passive house build but I have been told this is simply not necessary... So i'd be grateful for thoughts on this please!