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  1. Thanks saveasteading, that's really useful to know too. Definitely need to have a think about the best way forward now! Thanks again for the advice, I really appreciate it 👍
  2. Thanks for getting back to me Mark, I really appreciate it! We'll have a think about the asbestos testing to be on the safe side. Cheers for your help!
  3. Hi everyone. I'm in need of a bit of roofing advice and was hoping someone on this forum might be able to help please. Could the roof tiles in this picture contain asbestos? It's an ex council house, which we were thinking of buying but are now worried about the roof tiles and the cost of replacing them if they are asbestos as the house already needs a lot of other work (and there's already a hole in the roof). I realise it's hard to say from a photo but I thought it may be obvious to a roofing expert? Thanks in advance for any help, it would be really appreciated. Gemma
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