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  1. Pjbrandon

    Mortar mixing

    Nobody ?
  2. Pjbrandon

    Mortar mixing

    Hi all, hope this is the correct place for this post. I am repairing and roofing an old brick out building and notice some of the brick work is loose due to failed mortar. I am unsure what type of brick it is and also what type of mortar mix (novice) hopefully someone one can tell me from looking at the pic what type of brick it is and how to get the best mortar mix to match the current mortar colour ? please......
  3. Pjbrandon

    Brick Shed Coversion - Advice needed please

    Any other suggestions people?
  4. Pjbrandon

    Brick Shed Coversion - Advice needed please

    I’m safe there I’ve got a 22ft x 14ft garage that is also used for a crap store so could always turn that into a full on studio. ?
  5. Pjbrandon

    Brick Shed Coversion - Advice needed please

    Well it’s a Labour of love and a risk I’ll have to take ?
  6. Pjbrandon

    Brick Shed Coversion - Advice needed please

    Ok cool some things to think about. i need to do it soon as you say she’s growing up too quick. the building is approx 2.4 x 3.0 roof is about 1.9 pitching down to 1.8 a good size really and store of all stuff crap at th mo. ps I will get rid of the chopped down tree branches ?
  7. Pjbrandon

    Hi Everyone nice to meet you

    Great guys sounds just up my street, saving money is a big drive for me but the sitting back and admiring my work is the best bit (when it goes well) ?
  8. Hi all, I recently promised the daughter I’d build her a playhouse for the garden.....I then realised I had a brick outbuilding / Shed in the garden that just stores crap. Its a single skin yellow / sandstone brick? built on a concrete base, the front is timber framed and some type of cladding. I want to convert this into a nice looking playhouse. My thoughts are to frame the inside and ship lap clad to cover the walls and also clad the external walls. one internal wall to be ply lined and painted with chalk board paint as a feature wall she can draw on etc, Am I safe to do this without any risk of damp / rot etc? anythng to consider when framing and cladding, such as dpm / vapour barrier / insulation? literally will just be a playhouse for the kid to use, I see full timber playhouses cost hundreds so I might as well use what I’ve got and tart it up. i just don’t want to do it and find out it can’t breathe, moisture is trapped etc. The Mrs says I over complicate things as it’s just “a shed” and everyone has them ? So so my plan was studwork frame each internal wall fixed to brick, clad 2 internal walls with shiplap, board one with ply, front wall to be a timber frame and clad. 2 external walls to be battened out and clad. 2 external walls are not accessible / visible so will stay just brick. thanks in advance I look forward to everyone’s advice.
  9. Hi everyone nice to meet you all. I’m a novice DIYer who likes to tackle all sorts of projects when I’m not working. looking forward to learning and sharing ideas ?