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  1. Had the builder back and he confirmed the tiles had a minimum of 75 mm overlap . I'm putting it down to condensation , the felt having rotted away at the bottom obviously was an issue , as any water trickling down didn't go into the guttering, the fitting of eaves trays should sort that problem . Also had to have an air brick vent fitted in the upstairs bedroom because of mold caused by condensation , caused by tennants refusing to ventilate properly.
  2. The wardrobe is built in . Anyhow I'm have a air vent fitted into wardrobe. The main problem is the tennants won't open the windows .
  3. I think if it comes to that its a for sale sign
  4. I have no idea what the pitch is , by the look of it there must be 2 to 3 inch overlap . Surely building regulations would have been adhered to . It isn't especially exposed .
  5. This is a link to the full video of the roof . I uploaded it to YouTube , so if anyone can spare a minute , thanks.
  6. So basically this isn't from porous tiles but condensation between the felt and the tiles .
  7. Mark said non of the tiles were broken , although he is fitting eaves trays . Can water leak through these tiles or is it condensation? Thanks simon
  8. I think this pictureshows everything. Non où
  9. Hi there , I rent out a property in Hull. Been having issues with mold in upstairs bedrooms.
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