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  1. Hi, Thank you. I'm expecting quotes between £50-60k. What documentation would you expect to see please.
  2. Hi all, I am new to the forum and am desperately seeking advice.... we have building regs approval for a part single / part two-storey side extension on a 60s built semi. I have been putting the tender documents together myself. I will be issuing the approved plans, engineers notes, build spec and covering letter. The build spec is 8 pages long. I managed to find a good example to work from and added all our requirements, not obvious from the drawings. Should I put together a contract? I was thinking just a couple of pages which states that the contractor should follow the build spec, price and payment schedule, agreed dates for commencement and completion, defects liability period, required contractor's insurance cover, percentage to be held back for snagging. Reading up online I'm wondering if this is sufficient? Some suggest using something like the JCT Minor Works agreement. I don't want to go over the top and scare off good builders but I don't want to be naive either. Would really appreciate some advice. thank you