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  1. Hi Peter, Yes, I’m in Scotland. The deck is attached to the house and is a fair height. Essentially what the surveyor said to me was it fine but submit for an amendment to your building warrant, attach a specification for your deck and be creative with the measurements to stay within regs? Thanks, Nik.
  2. Hi All, To have my completion certificate issued I’ve been asked by the surveyor to submit an amendment for some decking that I have built, what he is looking for is a “decking specification” eg what is it made of, how many supports etc. Has as anyone submitted a decking specification before and therefore may have a template/format that I could follow? I’ve done a fair bit of googling with no luck. Unsure if they expect this to be presented in a particular way or if I can just draw up a spec on a word doc? Any experience or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.