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  1. Oh and i have photographic proof the whole rear of my property was excavated down by approximately 2.5 to 3 meters in the 60's to flattern of the rear garden (Location of the dig area they want) if that makes any difference.
  2. Still waiting for planning approval, 4 months over agreed date. But in the comments are some from the archaeological society. We have been told there may be medieval remains to do with an old mill bulding that may have exsisted near our property. What they have sited is the extract below. Can anyone explain what they want or is this something they will make up?? sorry it long but i have cut it down and it is as written. They appear to just repeat themself, i think is just a poor copy and paste job. Rob
  3. Bat survey has been done and guess what..... The Bat man(lol) said there is no way a bay would roost in the roof the planning officer wanted checking due to the construction. Pan tile roof, no felt open design. I also go them to check the building next to it so there would be no further comeback. This is an asbestos roof which i have listed to be changed to a fiberglass or steel sheet. This also, you guessed it has no conditions for roosting. Its funny to think that the same planning office has let developers rip out about 3 to 4 miles of hedging and trees on a nearby building development with no constraints. Currently 4 months past decision date and counting
  4. My planning application is due on the 28th, So 3 days time. I have had a site visit which i answered all the questions that they were unsure about for the application and the person own attended also took photos so they could understand what was where. Today i got an Email with more questions. The neighbours behind our property are not happy about us installing a new septic tank (Water treatment tank), one is currently installed to the fron of the property by not in compliance. This has now got the planing officer asking why we cant be connected to the mains sewer. The main reason for that is the house is below the sewer pipe level by a few meters and it would need to cross a main road and neighbouring properties. So without having to go through the expence of applying to be connected only to be told its not possible, how do i answer the planner? Next i have been asked to draw out the distances to the neighbouring properties with respect to overl looking with the new extension that is planned. I find this odd as our property is 10 to 12 meters lower down than the neighbouring houses. So can they refuse our extension on the grounds that it will be overlooked?? I could understand if it was the other way around. It seems strange as the council planners have allowed several of these houses to add extansions onto their houses which means they overlook our property worse, is so bad every room in the rear of the house is infull view to all the houses. Next how do i deal with Bats. I think one of the neighbouring house that are not keen on the cepitc tank have made some claim about there being bats in a small out building that it to be knocked down for the extension. This building has glass roof tiles and is during the day, is light inside. Do i now need to have a bat survey, this seems pointless but what can i do?? Getting sick of the process now. Rob
  5. Think its now fixed. Unfortunately i ont have an A3 printer at home but i just did a A4 print all but just part of the page and it now measures ok. As for Bricklayers, dont need them if for an ICF build. Big Lego for the win.
  6. I had a 2mm difference when printed. The CAD drawings are done at 1:1. Not sure if there is an error created using the PFD pre sets i have in AutoCAD
  7. Measurements have to be approximate as the original house is 1800's, so there isn't a straight wall in the house. The ground levels change all around the new extension so again approximate
  8. Hi All I am currently trying to get local planning to accept my plans. Everything i put in they keep saying not to scale. I can't get them on the phone to find out why nor will they explain via email. elevations have been drawn 1:100 scale on A3 size plot. Plot and location plans have been done on A4 to the required scale direct form OS downloaded A4 drawings. I have added an example of an elevation view, A3 size at 1:100 can anyone spot what i'm doing wrong. Thanks RobTest 1.100.pdf
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