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  1. Hi, we’re installing a Bora Pure recirculating hob into an island, the vent comes out the back of the cupboard and pushes the fumes down the bottom and out through the plinth. my partner is worried about the moisture that is pulled into the hob and out the back. She thinks it will make the back of the units damp, and moisture will fill within the island. Does anyone know if this happens with the Bora recirculation or is moisture contained in the unit? Would the gap between the units get damp from condensation? looking at the installation manual it says ‘ensure sufficient ventilation and aeration to expel humidity’ I’ve not been able to find an answer so hoping you can help or advise the best option? we’ve not been able to use the exhaust system and vent directly outside because of the concrete floor is already installed. hope you can help, Ash
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