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  1. Local Development Planning

    LoL sounds all about right....considered leaving the Mrs already and we haven't done anything yet! Thanks very much all. Lots to think about!
  2. Hello all!

    Thanks Jamie! Got it now I'm on the laptop...will have a look into it.
  3. Local Development Planning

    Nice one. 👍🏻 Appealling a decision is an expensive route then?
  4. Local Development Planning

    Brilliant points made, thank you very much. Lots to consider...I’m sure there will be many more questions. 😎👍🏻
  5. Local Development Planning

    Ok, thank you very much. Is outline planning the best way forward, especially if 3 buildings is what we are considering? Sorry if that’s a daft question. I’ve been trying to figure out why bother with outline planning, when it can take so long for an outcome that gives no real guarantee.
  6. Local Development Planning

    So you wouldn’t wait to hear what else the LDP have to say? Couldn’t there be more to come from them?
  7. Local Development Planning

    Thanks guys. We previously had planning permission for a roundhouse and 2 nursery greenhouses, but steel became very expensive at the time and the planning lapsed...probably for the best to be honest. I’ve attached what the LDP said about the site. Quite positive.
  8. Has anyone had their plots looked over by their LDP? Out site is currently there and has been for nearly a year. Got some good initial views from them through the Council website, but I’ve been told it can take up to 4 years to get their full thought. Troubke is our site was/is on green belt and although it supposedly had a very small house on it a long time ago, we were always told by planning, it had to have an agricultural or horticultural business on the site if a house was to be built. Now that the LDP and government is pushing for new homes to be built, it was worth a shot at getting more than 1 house to be built on our site and leave the idea of a business behind. Just keen to move on on and start looking into plans, services, removal/moving of water pipes, etc. The site is NOT straightforward at all, so any help and speed on decisions is welcomed.
  9. Hello all!

    Thanks Jamie. Sounds interesting, but I’ll need to check the site on a desktop/laptop, as no links appear viewable on my phone...
  10. Hello all!

    LoL yes it’s rather big though it doesn’t look as big when you’re actually there, but it’s a spectacular view! We’re hoping each tank would not only be the foundations for each house, but also be used for rooms of some sort. Its all a dream dream till you get your keys however, as I’m sure you all know 😂
  11. Hello all!

    Thanks all. Just the one picture just now, as it’s a difficult one to photograph with any decent scale.
  12. Hello all!

    😂 Thanks all. Filtration tanks are around 50x35 ft and are both on top level. Next level has the 50 foot wide round water tank and third(lowest) level is basically ground with nothing on top of it. Site was was built over 100 years ago and all tanks are stone built and VERY solid. Solid enough to be used as foundations?...we’re not sure about that yet, but happy to go with that premise for now. My my old man has already had planning passed for a rather elaborate round house on the water tank, but the funds needed started getting stupid when the cost of steel shot up(Chinese Olympic stadiums had just started being built at the time), so were hoping that planning will take this into account when we try to look for three houses to be passed...one for my family and I, one for friends if they can manage it and one for my parents, though their healths are deteriorating and not sure if they could manage the move when and IF it ever happens. The local council development planning are currently looking over the site, but they’ve already said it looks like it has good potential. So many ifs and buts to it all isn’t there?
  13. Hello all!

    Quick hi from me. David from just North of Glasgow and looking into building our first home. Plot is is an old Scottish Water spot, with a couple of large filtration tanks and a water tank on it....lots of old pipes, inc a live pipe running right through it. 3 levels and it varies in height quite drastically, as it’s on quite a steep hil. Good fun!