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  1. Hay guys looking at changing my front door to something more modern and composite is coming up a lot and am looking about £1200 to £1500 I been tolled but my worries with this is they will take everything out and fit to the stone work I have and am worried there's a good chance it could get damaged or could damaged all the windows around it. One company don't even know if it was possible to be done? On something like this would the recommendation be getting a wooden modern door or best still to keep looking for composite and PVC frame? It's more how they will secure it and any damage with putting it in I am worried about can anyone shed some light on this ?
  2. Hay guys looking for some bright up down lights for out side my house. Most of the ones I have seen are very dull what is it I am looking for for decent bright PRI up down lights ? Currently have this setup which is on a switch and presuming that with the PRI sensor on the lights to work I just need to leave the switch on all the time 👍 and should just be a simple swap from what I have already ?
  3. Now thinking get some concrete to go over the top ones all hardcore is all compacted then stones then I have my strong base for van to go on to drive and stones will just make it look nice 🤷🤯😂
  4. 7.5mx4.6 = 35m sq Is what I am working with
  5. Hay guys you help me in the past on here so thought I'd give it another go. I am currently extending my driveway to make it fit two cars on it and got all the hardcore ready for compacting (wracking). For the finished product I have £1000 and know it's not a lot for a drive way but wanted to know what sort of stuff I could do as at the moment the only idea I have that I know I can afford is stone the area. Just wanted to know what overs would do with that £1000 for a driveway ??
  6. Thanks all of you for the advice 👍 yer the insulation I have down has the silver on both side so not so worried about moisture hopefully 👍 have been looking at this stuff to lay on top ? Or is that to much ? Any more suggestions or where I can get stuff from much appreciated 👍 So with having no felt under lay under my slate that foam stuff would be no good so thinking doing something like I did in my van conversion 😂 silver foil then some 50m kingspan would keep a lot of heat in the house and rooms I hope 🤷👍
  7. Hay guys and girls not been on here for a long time and I have moved since and remember how helpful people was on here 👍 I have just got up all the very old insulation from the loft and binned all the old stuff and started laying that kingspan stuff between the joists where I have put a new bedroom ceiling in. Now I want some of the fleecy stuff to lay on top of the kingspan for more insulation what's best to go for ??? I will also at some point be doing in between the joists where the roof is and was thinking more kingspan but keep seeing the foam stuff they spray but see a lot of mixed reviews on it just wanted to know what's best ??? Thanks again guys and girls this is something new to me so learning along the way so any help or advice you have is much appreciated
  8. 20 years will do for us. then like you say it's someone else problem. It has to be better than some guy just chucking fiberglass over the old lead just covering a problem for £1260 if you ask me lol
  9. Hay stearmyTea Would say over 40 years from what I gather from neighbour and dose not look the best I not gone with the guy that will fiberglass just sounds like it hiding the problem after looking at this lead ax it looks a better one for cost and me and he doing it properly and removing the slate then laying it and so on Any one know about lead ax any info would be helpful I like to know what's going on is any good ?
  10. Hay guys ones again thank you for your help I just rang the guy that has siad he will do it in lead and quoted me £500 But he will be taking old out striping roof and buying something call lead axe would that be a better way to go ??? Lead ex looking up says has same quality as a 4 / 5 code lead that right ?
  11. Hay guys ones again thank you for your help I just rang the guy that has siad he will do it in lead and quoted me £500 But he will be taking old out striping roof and buying something call lead ax would that be a better way to go ???
  12. Well I just ask if he would be removing the lead and he siad no we be doing it straight onto the lead so we do not have to strip the roof this dose not sound right to me I did have another for £500 to do both lead Valleys in lead but sounded cheap to me but thinking of going with that now
  13. cromopol fibreglass compound they have siad they are using thank you for all the feed back guys just wanted to know as much about it before they fit something to my house it's so hard to get a decent workmen that you can trust nower days been tried to be a fool of when I got bath room done but have some knowledge of building so stoped him.
  14. so the only diffrence is price ? the only thing i am worried about is is it going to last and what are its disadvantage ? from what i have read a lot of the new house have them now anyway ? And yer i am lucky but new year we had a bad storm and few slates fell off and did something to lead
  15. Well new year my lead valley started to leek and water has started to come In so I cannot afford to pay someone or have time to do it myself so going through the insurance so I have sent my quotes off to them and they have picked the roofer that will do it in fiberglass and he is charging £1260 to do both valleys is that a good price and is there any down falls with having fiberglass instead of lead? I would have preferred the lead myself but how reliable is fiberglass and how long will it last before it needs redoing? And why have the insurance favoured fiberglass? Thanks Adam