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  1. Thanks all for the advice, I did wonder if there might be more to it than I initially thought. So it's a 2 bed, insulated with DBL glazing. Double panel rads. 80s build. It's small though, tiny. I suppose I don't like the idea of a tank because- 1) it takes up space, we want to convert the loft in a few years. 2) the idea you can run out of water. All 4 of us shower in the space of 2hrs. In the evening. 3) I don't like the idea of spending energy keeping water hot for 22hrs in a day, completely unused. I only need it for 2 hrs. Out of principal this seems very inefficient. There may be a very good reason no one does this, but id rather have ashp for heating and on-demand hot water for when we need it. (Ashp+electric shower+ 2x under sink heaters) Cheers Mike
  2. Hi advice forum. I'm going to replace our combi boiler with an ashp next year. However, there is no room for a tank (nor do I want one) Is it not possible to install the ashp for heating only, and for the hot water we use an under sink pump with an electric heater or digital shower? And Is the reason why this isn't common due to the power required for all electrics at once, and potentially blowing the fuse? Thanks for any help, learning from scratch here- Mike