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  1. Would this work what do you all think so not playing with the fireplace to much and building out around it . (If I go this route do I need to think about anything else ?)
  2. SO basically I want it to look something like this See images but with a log burner with the TV mounted above it
  3. The depth is fine we are ok with that on how deep it is, as we plan on building a bit of a chimney breast in the front so we can flush mount a TV the only thing we need to do widen the chimney, as there is not much space on each end. The only other way I can think would be to pull the log burner forward and then board over the chiney and have the Log burner in front with the pipe exiting the back of the log burner and upto the chimney breast
  4. Im happy to fit a wider lintel, what i'm concerned about is the width of fire being close to the width of the external chimney size and with the look of the bricks it could be and issue if I cut through them
  5. Im happy to put a new lintel in that is wider if need be, and yes this is an solid external wall .
  6. Hello we have just bought a house, and we would like to open our fireplace to have more space around the log burner, I took out the fire this weekend and hacked off some of the plaster around with a SDS drill, we want to open up by about 6 inches each side, but im concerned it will be to wide for the chimney breast. Please see the picture below and if somebody can advise what I should do that would be amazing. My concern is that if I hit the bricks down on each side this will go through the chimney breast, or at least the first skin.
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