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  1. Hi Wil, thanks for the response. I had no joy out of the Architect. Good shout re the suppliers, I will try a few. And also do a bit more digging on smaller Engineering Firms. Thanks
  2. Hi Temp, thanks for the suggestions. Making the BC application, doing something on the design and getting the BC to inspect and issue the Site Visit report is what I was thinking alright, and pushing hard for. Regarding the certificate of lawfulness, where would you get that and who issues them? Thanks
  3. Hi, Do all lenders have a rule that you must have started the project before you reach the point where you have a year left on your planning permission? I was not aware of this, and it is close to catching us out. A word of warning to others that are near this point.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure is this the right section to post this in? I'm looking for a designer to design the heating, plumbing and ventilation system for our new build. I have done a google search but have not had much luck, and would prefer to get someone from a recommendation with previous experience of using the company. A bit about the build: The site is on a hill rising from front to back, we are putting in an integrated basement garage/workshop (~250m2) that will have the opening at the front that we can drive in level from the road level. The integrated basement garage will be constructed from reinforced concrete, with insulation and facing brick to match the existing on the exposed front face section. The House itself superstructure (~260m2) construction fabric is facing brick, insulation (150mm Xtratherm CavityTherm PIR) and block. The roof will be concrete tiles to match the existing on the road. I don't know whether to go Gas or ASHP. I'm not exactly sold on ASHPs yet, but with gas prices only going one way, the decision is swaying a bit. There is a good insulation in the house. Want zoned CH for GF and FF. UFH for the GF and FF Bathrooms, with Rads covering the rest of the FF. I like the idea of having cooling in the summer for a few rooms, so capturing this in the design now with locating some FCUs is what I am thinking. I'm not sure about MVHR either. For the garage/workshop I want to have the option to control humidity, ventilate it via fresh air supply, and provide smoke/dust extract ductwork. Does anyone know a designer that could design this? Thanks
  5. Wheelnut


    Hi All, Some great topics on here. I'm trying to get a project off the ground at the minute, or probably would be better saying into the ground. Just finalising the B. Regs detailed design and want to start works in the next few months. Our build includes a basement garage/workshop and dwelling above. Building into a hill.
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