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  1. Thanks both. Good to know about the GSHP. I don't think trench will be an option because of space. I hadn't really looked in too much detail about GSHP vs ASHP in particular. The flat roof seemed like a no brainer as it sounded cheaper plus I prefer the look of them but definitely need to research this and everything else more. I've learnt so much from the replies to this post so far so thank you everyone! I have contacted various professionals so far and need to sift through all the replies and create a shortlist ? .
  2. Thanks Ralph, yeah that combination makes a lot of sense to me in my head. "insane enough to attempt another build" - love it ? So does that mean the AT also project managed? Or was just involved in the decisions made before the build started?
  3. Thanks for your detailed reply Simon. So what your saying is that (in your particular case - hard to generalise too much I guess) the architect was most helpful in the initial creative phases. So I guess at least the schematic design and part of the design development phases - still getting my head around the process :-)
  4. Hi guys Thank you for all your replies. I think it makes sense to have an initial meeting with various professional professionals and go from there. For people who found value in architects, what specifically did they change / suggest and how did they add value? It would also be helpful to hear from people that didn't go with architects and were happy with that decision. Thanks, Chris.
  5. Hi guys Thank you for all your replies. Definitely good to get everyone's knowledge and opinions. I am not wedded to any of the decisions in the doc I attached - these are just my current thoughts based on my research so far. I'm still going through all my options for everything right now. I was thinking of using one company to do the architectural work and then build to weathertight or full turnkey but now I'm thinking that maybe separating out the design phase would be best. I won't be starting just yet (probably late next year) so plenty of time to research everything. Adrian Walker - yes that would be great. Do they have a website / contact email? Regards, Chris.
  6. Hi Ian Thank you for your reply. I haven't completely ruled out using an architect but I just don't think I need one. I didn't explain the reason in my first post. I am very much a function over form person, which is why an architectural technologist appears to make most sense (not that either would ignore function or form). I hadn't considered that location isn't important but that's very true - thank you. Chris.
  7. Hi guys, I am currently exploring the various options for the architectural phase of my project and don't think I need an architect. I'm thinking an architectural technologist may be my best bet but also read that architectural technicians / building Surveyors / draughtsman are other options. I've attached a very basic idea for the kind of layout I'm thinking of (I have no architectural skills) And also, a document of current thoughts based on my research so far. Which professional would be most appropriate and does anyone have any recommendations in Oxfordshire please? Thanks, Chris. Build Decisions.txt
  8. Hi guys, I'm currently in the planning stage for a self build at Graven Hill in Bicester. I'm not in any trade and work full-time so plan on being fairly hands off and looking to use a single company to design and then build to weathertight (or full turnkey, budget dependant). The 4 companies I'm currently considering most closely are Potton, Dan-Wood, English Brothers and Fleming. Does anyone have first hand experience of any of these companies working on this basis or any part of their self build? Or any other companies that offer this service that I should be considering? Thanks, Chris.
  9. @nod Thanks for your reply. Thanks, I will look into structural engineers OK cool, so looks like I need to up my build cost estimate for my modest house
  10. @djcdan Thanks for your reply. Did you do the initial design yourself or did you bring someone other than an architect in? Thanks for your thoughts on build costs, that's good to know at this stage. Hopefully when I come to build, there won't be such a builder shortage (couple of years).
  11. Hi guys, I am doing some planning / prep into self build and now I have a rough idea of what I'd like to build, I started researching architects. But then reading on here, I started to wonder if I actually need one or whether I can save money by just using something like a house designer? I'm not looking to build anything super crazy. I'm planning to build at Graven Hill in Bicester and have worked out that I could fit my build onto the smallest plots they do (main house would be max 80 m2 plus basement max 32m2). I haven't actually reserved a plot yet but have started planning on roughly that basis. In terms of build decisions (need to do more research but initial thoughts): I've read that ICF build system is good for basements so I think I would use that for the main structure and SIPs for the roof, but I haven't ruled out going full PassivHaus dependant on budget, which I think means SIP's for the whole thing?) Vinyl siding classing Concrete roof tiles Aluminium windows, doors, pocket sliding interior doors Timber stairs Underfloor heating Unsure of flooring - maybe quarry tile Heat pump Solar panels Unsure on smart features - worth it? In terms of room layout (dimensions subject to change depending on exact plot): Top floor - Bedroom and ensuite (4m x 4m), Studio (4m x 3.125m) Ground floor - Lounge (4m x 3.5m), Kitchen (4m x 4m), Porch (1m x 1m), Utility room / Conservatory (2m x 4m) Basement - (Gym 4m x 3.5), Hot tub/ sauna/ shower/ toilet (3m x 4m) Other - Lift servicing all floors as well as stairs I have a rough idea of layout too Is it worth planning in such detail or does some stuff have to be left until later? Is £1500-£2000 per m2 still a reasonable ballpark build cost figure? I would have limited involvement - just hire a main contractor / project manager Does anyone have any recommendations for builders in and around Oxfordshire? I guess architects / home designer it doesn't matter about location. If anyone has any other suggestions or if it would be helpful to get more info from me, please let me know. I'm just getting started on my self build journey and there's so much I don't know / probably haven't thought of ?. Cheers, Chris.
  12. Indeed. I don't know anyone personally who's done a self build so you guys will be a vital resource for me. Thank you!
  13. Hi guys Just found this forum and it looks great! I'm looking to do a self build at Graven Hill in Bicester in a couple of years hopefully. Seems like a few others are on here from Graven Hill so I look forward to maybe getting some site specific info at some point. I'm just starting to get some general plans in place but no doubt I'll have lots of questions soon :-). Cheers, Chris.
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