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  1. Thank you, now it makes a bit more sense I think its a department in Harrow council I need to contact P.S. there is no gate so its a new construction. we used to be a very safe area but recently a car was stolen from near the house and next month they came back and cut out catalytic converter in day light and intimidated tenants. left without hurry. the police didnt come (said later - they came to wrong address - yeah right)..
  2. The house in question is not listed building, but is situated in a conservation area. We want to build an electric gate and a bit of a fence (to join existing fence). A planning permission application is required. We want the gate to be at the end of the driveway - where it joins public road. Our managing agent said that application would fall through because for some reason he was led to believe a car must not wait on the public road hence the gate must be pushed well inside the driveway which for many reasons we dont want to do. Could anyone please suggest where to find detailed information - which part of law is responsible for this kind of issues? How would one to know what is a genuine requirement and what is not. The only thing I could find in the council website is a pdf with requirements and there is a "Transport Assessment" section. Is that what tells us - where a waiting car can stand while the gate opens? And who writes these assessments normally? Note: I just realised that there is double yellow line (no signs though) on the public road where we propose for cars to be waiting. I just looked into the Highway Code and it says that you cant wait on a double yellow. Is this why the application would not succeed?