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  1. Thank you Weebles, we'll check them out!
  2. Hello...... We have just had plans approved to demolish a bungalow and replace with a 4 bedroomed house 260 m2 in Derbyshire. We are looking to build a highly insulated TF and are currently comparing quotes from 3 suppliers. We are both recently retired and are both excited but aprehensive about our forthcoming project. Its always been our dream to build our own home so when an ideal plot came available and within our budget we bought it & hopefully it will be a decisssion we wont regret! Time will tell! In light of not being able to do much else I have spent a lot of time on this forum (thank you!) which has given me hope that we will be able to do this. My husband has project managed many mulit million pound projects in his career in the Power industry so I keep telling him this 'should' be a walk in the park. There's one difference.......this is our money we're spending! My first question of many......can anyone give advice on their experience on MHVR systems. Who are the top three equipment suppliers for the main unit?
  3. Telguard replaced our intercom system on our automated gates approx 3 yrs ago. Never had a problem, works every time. We pay a few pounds each month either £3 or £5 (can't rememer exactly). We can control our gates from anywhere as long as we have a signal on our phone.