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  1. Great, thanks everyone here for saving me the money of installing a useless system. I think Henry will get a little more use yet!
  2. I don't think it necessarily needs to be an issue. There are now a number of manufacturers that make Hue-enabled wall light switches for example that fit standard backplates. Then you can have your smart system and if Hue is no longer a thing in a few years, you can always swap it out for something else. The issue in my mind is when you rely on a smartphone or other device as the only way to control a system.
  3. So the plan is that at the point when we decide to move out, I can always remove my homebrew automation systems and just replace them with either manual controls or whatever is the flavour of the moment at that time in terms of automation. For example, when we recenty moved out of our house, I removed the Hive and replaced it with the "dumb" thermostat that was originally there when we moved in. Levels and styles of automation to me are very personal things and just as I would probably not be 100% happy with whatever a person/developer had decided to install in a build, I'm sure others would also not be happy with whatever I decide to do. So it's just about building it in a way that allows it to be changed relatively easily. @joth: I've not heard of KNX but I'll do some research on it - thanks for the pointer!
  4. One of the things I'm trying to avoid is tying myself into a proprietary solution. I'd probably want to spend the time to implement something open source where I can see what it's doing and even change it if I like. That's one of the things moving me away from Control4/Crestron (as well as the awful visual design).
  5. I do have a bit of a soft spot for my Henry, but yes he is a little heavy and ungainly to carry around.
  6. I guess that's unless you're in a "smoke-free zone" and they're burning coal and the like...
  7. It will definitely be segregated from the main home network that contains files, tablets, laptops etc. Luckily my area is technology so I guess I'll be spending my time securing the lot!
  8. Yup, not given a thought to whether anyone else in the development may be planning a log burner or similar fire. I will ask. I don't think everyone is going to be going for the Passivhaus standard so some may be thinking about this.
  9. Do you just find the Dyson more convenient, or is there some other reason?
  10. Indeed, I've seen a few other plots that would have been interesting but already had planning permissions for 1.5 storeys and all the houses around were the same. So I decided to not bother with the inevitable fight for 2 storeys.
  11. @Dreadnaught: Indeed I did see the announcement about those systems - I am waiting intently for products that meet the standards to be released so I can see how they work and how they can be integrated. @SteamyTea: What do you mean by integrated? Do you mean systems that are all manufactured by the same company and use their cloud systems? If so, I'm not looking necessarily to do that. In my previous place I had a Yale alarm, Hive for heating, Nest for smoke alarms/cameras and Hue for lighting and none of them really integrated with each other. However, if you mean using something like HomeKit from Apple to have a single "dashboard" to control all that stuff, then that is what I'm looking for. There's something to be said for having a single place to go where you can basically "control your home", especially for people who aren't as interested in the technology itself and don't want to have 10 apps installed. I just don't want to delegate that responsibility to a company like Google who will mine it to the hilt so they can sell me ads based on my activity.
  12. I've seen a few adverts about central vacuum systems which provide in-room ports to plug in a hose and get going, the plus side being the lack of noise or circulating dust in rooms. Does anyone have experience with installating and/or using one of these systems? Is it worth the expense? Do you need to have quite a few ports to make sure you can reach all rooms?
  13. Point taken! Will take this to the wife Thanks for the reality check. I was assuming as such and it would probably end up being just a showpiece.
  14. I'm looking at a Passivhaus (or close) new build and wondering about options for log burners. My wife loves them and I like them too. However, I'm aware that any holes in a Passivhaus are a no-no for efficiency. How does this work with having a log burner and flue?
  15. For our upcoming self build, I'm looking at a good amount of home automation. I'm a bit of a technophile (actually quite a lot) so I'm looking at hooking up all the usual stuff like: Cameras Burglar alarm Smoke alarms Heating/cooling/ventilation Indoor/outdoor lighting Whole-house audio Plus as many other things as I can. However, being a technophile, I am also keenly aware of the lack of respect for privacy from all of the major providers like Amazon, Google etc, maybe with the exception of Apple. I am also loathe to trust one of the integrated systems such as Control4 or Crestron since you then have all your eggs in one basket, it's more effort to install, support and maintain, and to be honest they all look awful. Does anyone here have experience kitting out either a new build or renovation with privacy-centric home automation systems? I'm thinking maybe of using HomeKit with compatible hardware, or if that's not possible, putting together disparate systems and doing my own integration using something like Home Assistant (