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  1. Ashley

    Planning Consultant?

    Thanks for all the kind advice. The plot is likely to be worth around £100k with planning and architects fees are coming in at around £7k to include a pre-app. The planning consultant has quoted approx. £4k so I may use one if I run into trouble. If the architect I use has the relevant knowledge it should be cheaper so the jury is still out on this one!
  2. I am currently looking to build a house in a garden plot in a Conservation area and speaking with a few local architectural firms. One of them has recommended using a planning consultant but it is likely to add a few thousand pounds to the cost of my application. The others are confident I don't need one so I wondered what the benefit is likely to be by using a PC? Many thanks
  3. Could anyone recommend a decent architect in Nottinghamshire to provide ideas for a new build and a cottage redesign please? The architect will need to be familiar with the local conservation area constraints ( Gedling Borough Council). Many thanks
  4. Ashley

    Removing Stucco render?

    Thank you Peter.
  5. Ashley

    Removing Stucco render?

    Ok thanks for the advice chaps. What is the easiest way to remove the old masonry paint as it is starting to peel away from the render?
  6. Hi all I am hoping to remove the concrete render from my brick cottage and either clean the bricks up or re render with something more sympathetic. The render is very well adhered to the brickwork so a hammer and chisel is not an option. Is there a machine tool that could remove this please? Thanks
  7. Ashley

    Central heating flush?

    Many thanks for the great advice chaps👍 My house is in need of much renovation and I hope to replace the whole system when I do the house up. In the meantime I am still living in the property so just trying to get the current system to work better.
  8. Ashley

    Central heating flush?

    Well I have found 2 drain cocks anyway! Plan B is to remove the radiators and flush them manually until I can get a magnaclean filter installed. Hopefully this wont put pressure on the heating system or risk getting dirt in the heat exchangers.
  9. Ashley

    Central heating flush?

    Thanks for your great advice Peter. Mainly single panel rads with a couple of single convector rads. Don't know where the drain offs are so will try and get someone to have a look for me.
  10. Hi all. My GFCH system must be almost 60 years old and to my knowledge has never been flushed. have brown water in the header tank and the rads do not heat at the bottom. I have arranged to hire a flushing machine from HSS Hire for next weekend but now starting to worry that flushing the system may expose corrosion in the system which in turn may cause leaks?? What I would like to know is if I am right to be concerned about this please or should I go ahead with flushing out the system? Many thanks
  11. Ashley

    Brick cottage renovation

    Thank you guys. Never thought of going the steel frame route but worth looking at. My LPA are not that receptive to trying different methods, particularly when the conservation officer is involved and I wont be allowed to demolish either. My neighbour has just won a very long battle to demolish a cottage that was literally falling down.
  12. Ashley

    Brick cottage renovation

    Hi Peter Many thanks for your advice. Yes Russell made a great suggestion and I am now a little more confident about how things should be done going forward. No plans yet as still in negotiation with the conservation team as to what I will be allowed to do,. To make the house work I will definitely need to erect and demolish some internal walls though. I am sure I will be posting some more questions very soon! Thanks again
  13. Ashley

    Brick cottage renovation

    Hi Russell. Thx for that, The cottage is in a conservation area so demolition is not really an option I am afraid. I was thinking of erecting the new walls before removing the old ones to help retain the buildings structural integrity. I want the new cross walls to bare the weight of the roof as one of the original external walls has spread due to the weight of the roof and the previous poor renovation. Some of the original internal cross walls are not tied to the external wall upstairs as a corridor has been created to link the rooms. These factors have resulted in the wall spreading.
  14. Ashley

    Brick cottage renovation

    Thx Ali - no I don't have a floor plan but can confirm the walls are load bearing. The roof pearling's are resting on the top of them. My intention was to erect new walls so that steels can be spanned across them allowing me to create more head height upstairs.
  15. Hi all I am hoping to renovate my traditional brick cottage built in the 1830s and poorly modernised in the 1960s. It was originally two cottages with extensions at both ends so lots of small rooms that don't make sense. I would like to reconfigure the cottage to meet modern living requirements so hoping to take down some original walls and erect some new ones that will also allow me to fully vault the 1st floor. I am worried about what effect it may have on the building using block work with cement mortar and putting in deeper foundations? My concern is the new work will be much more rigid than the original building and may result in cracks and structural problems later on? I would be vary grateful for your advice please Many thx