Help fitting an old GGL 4 Velux window NOW SOLVED

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I am trying to fit a second hand GGL 4 Velux window as a shed window.  The only "unusual" thing being it is fitted as a vertical window in a wall, not a sloping window in a roof.


I start to fit the window into the frame as per the instructions it looks like it is going, but it turns this far and then hits a complete and solid stop and will not go any further.


Any ideas?  I just cannot see what is stopping it?








As far as I can tell both sides are hitting the same dead stop, so it must be a case of doing something completely wrong rather than just an obstruction.

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Okay now solved. I post the solution here for others struggling.


I solved it by removing a hinge from the window and then offering that bare hinge up to the corresponding part in the frame.  Unencumbered by the bulk of a window blocking the view of the workings, it was obvious what was happening.


On each side of the window is a curved "arm" that you slot into a curved slot in the frame bracket.  There is a grub screw through the end of this, which is a little longer then the thickness of the arm.  It was set so the screw thread protruded a little through the outer edge of the "arm" and was flush with the inside.


What you have to do is when you get the window to the position in the above photographs, you can still access the head of this grub screw. You now have to turn it inwards a few turns until the outside end is flush and the inside end now protrudes past the thickness of the "arm"  This is the mechanism that stops the window accidentally falling out when you open the window fully.


The window now closes correctly.


I assume by the fact that there is no mention of this screw on the current velux installation instructions, that this is an old no longer used method of securing the window in place.  


I hope someone in the future may find this useful if trying to remove or re fit an older type Velux window.

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Looking at the GGL-9 in my rental house it's the same grub screw. The more modern ones have a little button that clicks out. I had a small adventure with fitting a Velux vertically.

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Yes this was quite a heavy window as well, I could not lift it on my own.


Surprising I can find no mention of these grub screws on any Velux publication. I can't be the only one to have struggled with this?

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