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19 minutes ago, Ed Davies said:


Good luck. Discussed it in detail with my scaffolder then got a full-rate invoice. Discussed it briefly with the builders I was hiring the services of a digger and driver off. Got a full-rate invoice. Reminded the builders I got to do my sarking and got told testily that of course they knew to zero rate. You can't win, except that they did, indeed, zero rate.


It’s a pain because ultimately we are at their mercy. They won’t want to undercharge if they’re not sure in case they end up out of pocket with HMRC I guess. Plus if they are signed up to the flat rate scheme they will pay the VAT regardless of what they charge the customer so in that case it’s almost certain that they won’t zero rate. 


As I found out during my build many builders don’t know the VAT rules. I think some of them thought I was attempting a massive fiddle when I asked for invoices to be zero rated. Some of them just refused to zero rate point blank. 

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