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Bevel edge tiles

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In her infinite wisdom, SMBO selected bevel-edged metro tiles throughout. Little did I realise what this would mean when it came to lay them!

I've finished the toilet/shower, thank goodness, and am shortly moving on to the kitchen splashback.


Basic question: what should I do to start off the first row of tiles? I don't have an upstand, by the way.

I think that starting with a whole tile looks a bit odd, because of the bevel. But maybe that's just me. Is it normal to cut off the bevel and start with a slightly smaller tile?


Finally... anybody got any tips for siliconing the edges of these bloody things?

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Deffo make it so you start on cuts all the way up the trim, and finish with cuts all the way up. Don't start or finish with a bevel, even more if running into an internal or external corners :S

Dont buy your missus a birthday card, and then when she protests just bring in the bag with all the 13mm off cuts ;)

Siliconing is interesting, so use a colour matched grout and silicone to suit, with less being more. 

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