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Super extra wide cover strip

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Hmmm...still doing the mega budget refurb of the hairdresser which is slowly becoming a lovely new office base for our team.

In true DIY SOS style the carpet guys did 50m for less than £500, nice people are everywhere folks 😀

IMG_20171205_144226313_HDR.thumb.jpg.8a509a0c2e308a08533510b25c057dac.jpgPlease don't mind the jazzy lights, it's where the bejazzaled former hair people had their washing basins!

Anyhow...the QUESTION

In the pic below you can see the back office minus a stud wall. The vynal flooring has a 110mm gap in the middle of what is now one space.

How do I make this good?


We have people with reduced mobility using the space, it's a kind of dining kitchen area, so something that has a low profile is best.

Carpet fitters said 6mm MDF with rounded edge bonded to the vinyl. Too thick I reckon and a trip hazard.

Aluminium plate maybe?

Super sticky tape? As long as it's black.

Suggestions welcome, hope I've explained this okay.

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I am not quite clear what your objective is here. You say the front room is now carpet with a 6mm drop to the vinyl (?) Or is that the proposal for this kitchen-area threshold?


Wouldn't black tape just make it an invisible trip hazard?


What does it do? How deep is it to the base of the wooden threshold - eg does it go through the thickness of the floor? Could you hoick it out and replace it with something thin / flush?


I had a hole-in-an-internal-wall like that at the LBB, and we just put the wall back xD. But that would not be a relief to your coffee-drinkers, who need a sort of site-hut to make their drinks.


Are you planning to replace the vinyl (£6-8 (?) per sqm). If so - or if just replacing the vinyl in the coffee area - I think I would just put a 6mm (?) ply later down rather than hardboard, and use that to level it up to the raised threshold? Or make it flush as suggested with a level threshold.



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Just the gap where the wall was needs attention.

Think I'll glue a spare bit of vinyl in the gap and a few strips of gorilla tape to cover the joins.

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Aha. I read the photo of the gap visually as a raised profile with sloping sides ... a hump in the floor.


Ignore most of my suggestions.

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