Old plastered walls getting damp prior to fresh skim - HELP!!

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Planning for plasterer to go over the old plastered walls with a thin skim. Of course I'd already started to prep the old walls by taking out old hooks, flaking paint etc. Now with with the  humidity from the damp weather, I'm getting condensation on the walls which is evident along hairline cracks. Is there anything I can apply to prevent this (i.e. prevent the plaster soaking up any moisture) as I don't want to end up having to remove all the old plaster due to damage from the condensation. Plasterer is set to start in January, so only 5-6 wks time.


There's no heating and the house is pretty open (not all doors in yet). Should I be worried?


I've read of PVA, but is that going to cause an issue with the skim being applied later? I've read conflicting views about that.


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I think I would postpone until you can get some doors on and a bit of heat in the house. 

You shouldn’t plaster if at anytime in the drying process the temp drops anywhere near 2 degrees, it would be nicer if it was 5 and rising. 

i would board up all openings and hire a site heater and warm the place up before they start and keep it warm until they finish. 

A couple of those oil filled rads on wheels will take the chill off, and you can pick them up really cheap. 

Remember warm, not hot. Or it will dry to quick 


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As above, are they solid walls? If so, you might want to consider, a, why they are damp, b, using lime plaster. 

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