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Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic Plus B bearings size and quantity

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I am currently waiting for Vent Axia to send me under warranty a new replacement motor for my bearing failed vent axia Kinetic Sentinel B plus unit.


In the meantime I am exploring options to but replacement bearings for my unit so I can keep the new motor as a backup, when/if my current motor fails.


I asked vent axia, and they couldn't provide me answer regarding the bearing size and quantity for my unit. Therefore my questions are:


How many bearings in total I can/need to buy for my Vent Axia Kinetic Sentinel B plus model if I would like to replace every possible bearing which could fail?


What are the diameters, sizes, finish etc. for the bearings?


I know SKF is a recommended brand as well for these bearings.


Thank you for the help!

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as each size of unit likely uses a different motor, and multiple motors may have been used over years of production,  inspection is best policy. Probably 2 in each motor tho...

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