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Drainage over footings


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4 hours ago, vik2001 said:


From the invert to ground level I got 390mm, and the drain needs to run a 10m distance. I take it this can't be done?

That 600mm depth is nonsense, you can run drains as shallow as they need to be, as long as they are bedded correctly for the depth you are using and covered correctly to add the level of protection needed. 

if most places started at 600mm down as they leave the house you could be metres below ground by the time they reach the destination. 

you still haven’t provided a picture so we are all guessing here. 

pipe can sit 30-40 mm above the footing and enter the house via a hole left in the brickwork with a lintel over the top. 
your builder should know all this it’s fairly standard. 

put a picture up. 

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12 hours ago, vik2001 said:

Can the rodding eye be inside the bathroom or kitchen. I don't have space on the side access

Confused ....You had shown it in the back garden on your plan ?

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20 minutes ago, Canski said:

Confused ....You had shown it in the back garden on your plan ?

On the side of extension I don't have access as it's up to boundary wall. But I wanted to put a IC in garden and connect main drain straight to front.

Issue I got is I will need y junctions for kitchen and bathroom but don't have the access outside on the side extension for rodding eyes

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The existing manhole finishes in hallway. It's a private drain.

Can I extend it out to the bathroom to pick up the foul on wc. Then also extend it out past lounge to garden to create a new IC for rodding. Can I also add the svp here in garden? As room on the boundary wall to left is very limited


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