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Quickest drying wall filler for largish hole (before tiling)

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I'm might have ballsed up here...  


I was planning to patch up a few holes like this one before it gets tiled in just over a week or so (could be less):








I had thought to use mortar, but now I'm thinking that might take too long to cure enough for tiling over (more than happy to be corrected if I'm wrong!!)?  If I'm right, is there anything else I can use that could be dry/cured well enough in 5-7 days+?  


I'll get there one day!



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Thanks for the replies and suggestions.  


Someone reminded me about Toupret fillers...  I'd kind of forgotten.  I've used Le Reboucheur in the past after having read how much pro decorators rate it, and I too thought it was excellent stuff. Not used it for a few years, and so forgot that it says there's no maximum depth. I'm not sure if another one of their other fillers - TX110 - was about when I bought Le Reboucher, but with a quicker setting time and no limit to the application thickness, I'm gonna give that a go.  


Cheers for taking the time to respond and help :)  

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