WBS installation, a new thing to overcomplicate

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I thought this was going to be really easy but then...


I have an opening for a double sided stove. The main structural lintels are two R15A (100(w) x 140(h) lintels) shown in BLUE below. Across these lintels sits some P150 lintels (GREEN) and the internal blockwork of the chimney as well as the flue liner base (YELLOW). To support the outer brickwork layer above the opening, We have used ANG steel L-shaped lintels (RED). All of the loads etc are comfortable and there would be an arching action in the brickwork meaning the ANG lintels are only supporting about 0.5m2 of brickwork (~30 bricks, 80kg vs SWL of 400kgf). Further, the brickwork is tied to the internal blockwork which is supported by the R15A lintels.


The lintel scheme was checked by the Structural Engineer who was happy. I called Catnic today to ask about using the same type of lintel elsewhere and they said they shouldn't be used in fireplaces due to thermal transfer. I suspect they envisaged an open fire but I was hoping for comfort from others using these in a similar way. They are >450mm from the top of stove as it's a bit smaller than shown below and the stove manufacturer said it was OK to have combustibles >=400mm above the stove. I know the flue pipe has its own requirements too. Clearly the L-shaped lintel isn't combustible, but it gives and idea of the heat in the area.







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