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Self-build mortgage period extension question - experiences wanted


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We have a selfbuild mortgage with Newcastle Building Society through Buildstore. Both companies have been good to work with so far. 


We originally scheduled the selfbuild stage to take 3 years which was up at the end of last year (2020). Nerwcastle were happy to extend that (though it cost us another 12 months indemnity insurance) until end of 2021. 


As we approach end of 2021 we find that we are gpooing to need another year (we are doing this entirely self built, through pandemic, home schooling and a few other hiccups giving us delays). Does anyone have any experience how tetchy / twitchy Newcastle are likely to get? I am wondering if they will want to do a big inspection or what their reaction might be? I am clueless what to expect and though I'm happy tpo handle anything I'd like to know what attitude or difficulties this is likely to throw up for us? We are not struggling with budget it is just(!) the timeline. 

Any wise words?

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