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Changing plans and other questions

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As we've had to put our conversion on hold due to a lack of builders round here it's given me time to think about what we had been planning and if we could make any savings / spend in different places.

So how straight forward is it to change the plans?

One of the builders we spoke to suggested changing the roof build up so that it is insulated over rather than under the rafters. This would achieve what we want u value wise and will require less internal detailing as the installation would be from outside saving in labour costs. Worth change the plans or just let home quote on it off spec?


Also I've been looking into integrated pv as somebody on here suggested it can be competitive with normal roofing, again what's the best way to approach this? Speak to installers and get a rough cost and then look to specify it or just include it in the amended plans and get people to quote as part of the whole project?


Another thing I've been think about is potentially getting a QS to look at the plans and cost them (for materials) so that it's potentially easier to get quotes and maybe identify some savings, worth doing or a waste?


I look forward to hearing your ideas as this has dragged on so long now I've gone over everything multiple times and am starting to get really indecisive after initially having quite clear ideas. Is this just me or a natural part of the course for building projects?



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The roof build up one is quite easy 

Our local authority is taking about 3-4 for amendments 

Most builders merchant offer a QS service for a couple of hundred 

TP Jewson’s 

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Cheers @nod I hadn't thought I'd need to notify for the change, glad I mentioned here now. 

I've got in touch with celotex for them to do a u value and condensation assessment of the new build up, hopefully it'll be ok. 

I knew about jewsons but not the TP service so I'll get them to have a look.

I think I was just having a bit of a moan and woe is me day for most of the other stuff though.

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