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wall plug screw ties

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The waterproofers have been today and left a load of plugs for the brickies (when they know the block levels) to drill through the waterproof layer and fit a plug, as below. 


Newton Multi Plug Bag of 100

However they haven't left the screw ties that go into them (which i thought that they would do)


Where the heck can i get a suitable wall screw tie for a 120mm cavity at short notice, anyone help?


this seems like a suitable product (though expensive) but i doubt that they are stocked at a LBM

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39 minutes ago, PeterW said:

These may work but bluebirds are the best. They are in boxes in my local MKM to buy individually but make sure they price them for you as trade


Thanks, those screwfix ones are too long and not stainless steel.

I have just looked on line at my local MKM and it doesn't look like they stock them. Worth a call in the morning though.

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