Decoupling matt on screed

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41 minutes ago, Nickfromwales said:

Make sure you don’t go off the straight line when laying or it’ll quilt up and then you’re into cutting out sections and patching. It’s quite hard to spot too

With the glue it went down no problem and stuck like sh*t . Bit of ‘sliding ‘ to get in position . Walking over it sliding my feet then some tiles at the edges for weight . Next day 100% bonded to screed . What a pro I am 😁😂

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What glue did you use to fix the decoupler mat to the screed? I have about 200sqm to do. And also, the boiler is installed but not fired yet as there is no rads coupled up yet, the screed is call retinol and went down semi dry (it is sand and cement with an additive and fibres).  I've sheeted the screed from day one so as no plaster or drywall paint etc would contaminate it, hopefully making my job slightly easier. Do I need to prep the floor in any other way before I start? 

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