Record No.101 Pipe Cutter

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I've been restoring some old tools salvaged from a house clearance.






After a hot detergent wash then some time in a hot citric acid bath I've etch primed and given the adjustable a quick coat of acrylic:






Anyone know where I can get 3 wheels and pins for the Record No.101 pipe cutter? (I just lost one pin).










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For a different model, but try contacting this one and see if they are the same size  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Joblot-Record-104-steel-pipe-cutter-wheels-and-pins-3-wheels-3-pins/254912533367?hash=item3b59f89377:g:ZJYAAOSwUj5gWKoQ


That remands me.  I recall my dad having a chain wrench pipe cutter for seriously big pipe.  It did not end up in the tools I cleared out from his garage so I suspect it is still there, hanging from a nail off the wall, quite rusty by now.....


EDIT: I think it was this one he had  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Record-No-45-cast-iron-pipe-cutter-with-13-links-and-14-sharp-wheels-Heavy-duty/193888028378?hash=item2d24a086da:g:KuMAAOSw3ypgJN6R

Looking at that price, I must make a point next time I am down there to see if I can find it amid all the cobwebs.

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