Colin Shaw

Which render? K Rend/ Weber or painter ?

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16 hours ago, ProDave said:

What do people think of mixing "systems"  e,g putting a different make of top coat, e.g. krend, onto a Baumit base coat?


In theory the basecoats and tops coats would be interchangeable but the manufacturers will have tested and warranted them in combination. In practice my view is the warranty is all but useless as the supplier and installer will point fingers at each other. I did an EWI training course and the provider explained that a supplier who will be nameless would always find an installation fault or some other problem than the product itself - thickness of render basecoat, lack of drying of basecoat, structural movement, lack of adequate primer, too thick/thin top coat, too rapid drying of top coat, lack of mesh re-inforcement, etc. All these install faults may be real or not, but as the customer I could imagine it being something of a battle to estalish liability. 


personally I think these manufacturer warranties are pretty much worthless but where they supply a base, primer and top coat as a system, you would expect that they had tested and developed the products together so all things being equal, you'd probably take them all from the one supplier. I used Baumit for base, primer and top coat, but that was because all three made for a better deal commercially as much as anyhting else. they did offer good pre-sales and on site support to my installer, as well.





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