Q: Trap and waste pipe for Shower on Concrete slab (Ground Floor)

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Getting ready to do insulated slab for our "upside down" house. The plan is to put the UFH pipes in the slab so the top of the slab is effectively the FFL for the ground floor. The two bathrooms will be on the ground floor.


If we want to have same level throughout the ground floor, how do address the problem of the trap and waste pipe for the shower having to be in the poured slab? Anyone done this and got some picture to share?

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The waste pipe will be put in before the pour. You need to know the size of the tray so you can use some timber to create an opening. Then you can easily connect it all up when the time comes. They will be no ufh pipes under the tray so nothing can get damaged. You can just fill the opening with sand to make it safer to work round.


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