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I have a rather stupid question and VAT and claiming it back.


Let's say I am building a 100m2 house and it's £1,500 + VAT per m2. So £150,000 not including VAT, and £180,000 including the VAT.


What happens to paying the VAT, do I have to pay the builder inc the VAT and then claim it back at the end? Or do I pay not including the VAT.


The reason I ask is that effectively if i have to pay the VAT throughout i would need to borrow £30k extra, only for it to be paid back.


How does it work, and how do you manage the VAT extra amount?

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Not a stupid question. 

if you are paying the builder for labour and materials then he should zero rate everything to you. So if your build consisted of £50k labour and £100k ex VAT materials, you would pay him £100k. He would pay £120k for the materials (£100k plus 20% VAT) and then he would reclaim the £20k on his VAT return. 

if you purchase the materials for him, you would pay the £120k out but then reclaim it at the end. In that instance you would reclaim the £20k. 

If it’s supply and fit by a VAT registered trader they MUST zero rate the whole invoice otherwise it cannot be reclaimed. 

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