hot water provision using electricity only- UVC, TS, Sunamp... or just fill bath with a kettle?

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2 hours ago, SteamyTea said:

Have you actually checked the flow rate to your house and what you can realistically supply to 4 showers running at the same time?


You can reduce the flow rate, 9 litres/minutes is a pretty good shower.


Avoid a wood burner, they are horrible, and not as cheap as people think.



not personally, but neighbouring plot has very good pressure and is higher up than me. i need to go and check actual flow rate- 6 hour round trip though :/ 

consensus seems to be that boiler stove will over-complicate the plan so UVC looks like best route (unless flow rate is disastrously low!) 

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3 minutes ago, mattp22 said:

very good pressure

Pressure tells you very little about the flow rate.

I can pump my bike tyre up to 120psi, and my car tyre up to 36psi.

The car tyre will still have a larger volume of air in it.

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On ‎19‎/‎08‎/‎2020 at 15:24, mattp22 said:

So do I hook up some renewable sources to lower my electricity costs and increase SAP value?


How about waste water heat recovery? (WWHR). Save about 50-60% on shower water energy and get you a few SAP points. - others are available.


East or West PV in Oban will produce about 670kWh/yr per kWp. How about 3kWp East and West? You will never see more than 4kW instantaneously and a standard 16A/Dual MPPT would handle it.


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