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ICF Self build in the west of Ireland


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Hi all,

I'm in the very early stages of my project. I've been reading this forum for the last couple of months and getting some great info, but i think it's time I start asking questions directly!


I'm based in the west of Ireland and am hoping to build my house using ICF to passive standards or very close to passive. I'm drawn towards two different systems but cannot decide which one to use, either Izodom 2000 or Isotex. I have a few questions for you all.


Does anyone have any experience using these systems and what are your thoughts on them?


What are the differences in cost between them?


Are they easy to work with for a first time self builder with no real construction experience?


Should I hire a contractor/project manager instead of self building?


Thanks in advance for the help! ?

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If you have knowledge of the building process or can access the knowledge easily and importantly you have the time and ability to be on site often I'd self manage it. Nobody cares more than you about your house or money.


Beware though it's not a matter of just pressing go, handing over plans to trades and walking away.  Its takes time and attention and if you can find a good builder or project manager they're worth paying.


I was drawn towards ICF in the beginning but settled on cavity walls in the end. I think if we were to start again we'd go timber frame. 

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