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Hi All,


could anyone reconmend a garden room supplier, looking for a all year round useable room, to use as a hobby room for us, adults! 


The prices seem to vary wildly, thinking it would 5m x 3.5m will put electrics and water to it.


many thanks



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Hi Ferdinand read your posts with interest, will be looking at this option, as it seems a great way to save money and be involved too, and and I'm in Norfolk so the geography might be involved too, if anyone reasonably locally a used someone.


we go to tender this week, so wanted to do this bit ourselves.....if only to provide the reason why we didn't do the build myself!!

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On 24/11/2019 at 17:51, Big Jimbo said:

Show us some pics Roz

Sorry had to find these amongst the other crap on my phone! Obviously we haven't done the cladding yet. It was a family affair at times.


It's sitting on Jackpad plinth foundations which I didn't get a photo of. We probably did a lot of things wrong, but we got there in the end and it's still standing. 

p.s. yes there were a lot more screws in the plasterboard than the pictures show ? 








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