Brick Slips for Interior Feature Wall

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35 minutes ago, dpmiller said:

so I've never really been able to work out, what's the difference between these Evo saws and a bog-standard sliding chop?


As Peter says the Evo's tolerances leave a bit to be desired. Say you've faffed setting it to cut 90deg (don't trust the factory stop) then want to cut at 45deg, well more faffing to do 45. Take it back to "90" and more faffing again.


If you leave it set at 90 its OK.


Where it wins for me is versatility when precision isn't critical. Stud work, "shed" building. Doing my gate I've used the same blade to cut 100x100x6 steel box section for the posts, 6mm thick support angles for brickwork, plastic ducting underground, steel conduit, a 4x2 pfc. Various bits of timber of course. Now with a change to the diamond blade I'm cutting bricks.


I'd not dare try and use it if building say cabinets or drawers with decent timber. Also it's impossible to accurately trench / house with it.


Saying that both my nephews have recently bought the latest incarnations of my model and they seem better.


I've also the 185mm circular saw. Out of the box it was cr@p if used with the supplied fence due to the base & fence not being parellel. I diagnosed the manufacture defect and modded mine even writing to Evolution. They responded not by acknowledging the issue but by suggesting a seriously dangerous "fix" to remove the riving knife from behind the blade! 


You can btw get spares for them.

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Chap at work has just done his alcoves:











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2 hours ago, jack said:

very slight vertical waves


Taylor made credible reason to give plausible deniability when you are tipsy. Cool.

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What about these tiles, Bristol dark brick effect.



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